TCOglobal is the work of expert software engineers, experienced in information security, cloud-based processing, virtualization and user support, committed to deliver remarkably better access to every enterprise's virtual desktop infrastructure. TCOglobal supports modern desktop infrastructure, offering a solution to all scales of businesses.


Because Simpler is better.

Although the price performance of a desktop or laptop, along with peripherals and the extended warranty has improved, they remain complex systems dependent on constant and costly updates, that have a direct impact on productivity.

The merge of cloud-based desktops and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure has changed the full enterprise desktop computing experience so that it requires no more than network connection, monitor, keyboard and a mouse.  TCOglobal designed and engineered RaPiD to make possible controlling that network connection, monitor, keyboard and mouse with a specially configured operating system built of Linux, with no local file system on the desktop resource unit.  

Your desktops, apps and connections can now all be served from a virtual desktop, without any local storage, safe from any attack or data breaches. And the desktop resource unit becomes a minor expense - just plug in a new one instead of troubleshooting or having to reload broken units.



Duncan Hare, Founder

Dave Hobbs, Founder

John Odden, Founder