Connect your

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Using any

Internet Connection

Via our

RaPiD Solution

And plug into

Any Monitor



RaPiD, a new way of computing.


TCOglobal promotes your desktop into the cloud; simply connect with Citrix, VMware, AWS Workspaces, Nutanix, Parallels, Microsoft, or any other Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). 

TCOglobal product RaPiD is engineered to eliminate a desktop device's ability to read or write to any kind of local storage. RaPiD dedicates the SoC functionality to delivering access to your enterprise (private or public) cloud services by Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, direct browser access or embedded media player - your choice. 

With the traditional desktop attack surface removed and zero local storage, RaPiD presents one of the most secure devices for any enterprise network.


RaPiD key benefits








"Had Edison given us one more invention...this would be it!"

Exclamation heard during one RaPiD demo.  We love to show RaPiD and just watch for the reactions - amazing!