Duncan Hare 

Duncan leads our Strategic Development initiatives, bringing acknowledged success in executive management, program and project management, sales, solution architecture, and technical systems (including computing at IBM, information systems, and telecommunications).  Duncan has a mastery of computing, communications, technology, and business structures.  Duncan built multiple businesses from the ground up, and advised clients on resolving their most pressing technical and corporate problems.  Duncan has strong analytical skills, and the ability to bring teams together to achieve the objective.  Duncan's achievements include serving a number of well-known companies, including IBM, Nortel, Cabletron, Telus, and Kaiser Permanente.


Dave Hobbs

Dave is the Founding Distinguished Engineer of TCOglobal.  He conceived, planned and delivered on what was, when first announced, a "radical approach" to a whole new level of better information security - by eliminating the desktop attack surface.  Once he demonstrated the ability to create this new variant among Linux-based operating systems, Dave integrated this approach with the "network boot" paradigm that allows us to offer amazing Configuration Control.  


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John Odden

John leads our Customer Success practice.  He combines his grounding in TCOglobal's approach to crushing enterprise desktop Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with strong experience in enterprise IT and information security.  As Sr. Advisor with Coto Partners, his specialty is building and validating big data analytics.  Typical clients include leaders in health care, and life sciences.  

John believes in giving back, with non-profit service including C4UH.org, FIXS.org and AHIMA’s Population Health Data Standards Council, which he chairs in 2016 and 2017.


TCOglobal, crushing the Total Cost of Ownership.